...Assalamualaikum semua readers...

times fly so fast until now just left 2 weeks more before my final exam...
my thesis, assignment and project still floating up in the air...
sedey sungguh!!!!
keep on forcing my brain, my eye to focus doing all those things..*seksa jiwa tol*
dah la each weekend mesti busy attending all weddings...*i love to see bride n groom..mcm seru kne kawen je..*
dalam busy-busy untuk siap kan kerja yg buat jiwa aku ni makin serabut, aku still have time to see him...yela..since my final nk start so i'll no see him until i finish my final exam...
good bye my adiwira...see u soon...*focus on ur final and thesis too*

my second draft of thesis done!!just wait any comment from my supervisor...
hope this scond draft will be fine...
aku penat keep on change it...uwaaaa..stresss...*sedey sbb UM ada Turnitin..mean no copy n paste..*
no matter what aku akn keep on do it until my last breath..*ayat mcm nak pegi perang*
ooo..lupa plak..last week my dad attend his reunion of 25 RAMD dekat Tapah...
his first unit after commission...* so adiwira kne msuk 25 jugak!!blh x nk paksa mcm tu..*
dekat unit ni jugak la my dad meet up my mom and end it with wedding...

ok..ayat dah makin mengarut and i need to focus back to my work...EEG here i come!!!!

notakaki: hepi belated anniversary to my mom n dad..i love u so much..no matter what will happen in future, i'll always pray for our happiness...thanks to Allah cz give me such a lovely family...Alhamdulillah..ooo..lupa lagi..my lil sis jz dpt keje dkt butik wedding..mcm best je kan...jeles...bgus jugak dia keje dr membesarkan badan dkt rumah utk tggu result SPM..

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