|| i'm realise ||

byk kali ble pk psl bnda2 yg cmni ak akn realise spe ak...
ak sorg jer yg t'hegih2 utk bnda ni sumer...
tp npe la ak ni bodo sgt la kn????
bnda dh terang lg b'suluh tp still nk wat cm x tau pape..
everything dh jelas...
hanya perlu kn ko ble nk je n akn wat bodo ble x nk...
pe ni sumer????
kwn ke cmni??
ble ko mtk maap kat ak n tbe2 je ati ak lembut n maap kn ko..
u're stupid la sai...=(
i'm trying to be good...
tp sume 2 useless la...
ak harap sgt3 ak stick on it until ble2...
bia jd ati batu pn xpe...
lg ak ske...x yah pk bnda2 bodo ni...
aaarrrggghhh..i'm sick think about it....
idop sorg diri lg aman!!!!
bia la..ak jz harap dier akn sedar....
pas ni ak x kn ikot sumer ckp ko dh..
ble ak x nk mean x nk!!!
x de compromise dh....=(

||sedey dgn perasaan sndri..spe yg x phm, x yah phm pn x pe...kalo x ske blh tkn 'X' warna merah kat atas 2.... i hate to be lke dis...benci ngan diri sndiri yg bodo!!! ||

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enyheartsdiamond said...

gadis perlu kuat!

sAiDaTuL FaRhAnA said...

btoi2...mmg kne kuat kn???=)

azmalina said...

entry sedey je menjak 2 menjak niy. sbr k yangg.

sAiDaTuL FaRhAnA said...

2 la pasal..
semenjak ni cuaca mnedung so ak pn mendung skali...

rennafiq said...

wuwu.. jgn la cdeyh2.
nnt geng BAKAT cdeyh jgk :(

sAiDaTuL FaRhAnA said...

thanks reen..=)

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